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Monday, 07 November 2011


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Martin Miles

Ha, great list! Hard to say if I'm surprised at the ratings or not, since I haven't met any of these people myself.I need to get out more. :-/


What a list! I haven't met any of these people either, although I did find myself near Whitlam a long time ago.

I am very surprised that 'Our Mary' wasn't listed as N or VN! I'd love to know more about this, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to write more about it on your blog!

Bob Meade

Alas, Viola, I was unable to credit Ms. Donaldson as N or VN. Still it was good to have met her, which I did several times. She worked across the road from my place of work, and she entered my building at least twice per day.

lynne jordan

I love the famous people I have met list!! and I agree - Tom Jones is awesome and man does he have some stories!!

Bob Meade

Lynne, I was standing in the lobby of a hotel at which Mr. Jones was staying. I had not seen him yet. Suddenly it felt as if there was electricity coursing through the air... I could literally feel it... I turned around and there he was standing by the reception desk talking to a staff member. Totally relaxed about his star power.

His charisma was palpable.

That just the second time in my life I have seen that type of charisma where the room was literally electrified.

The first time was seeing Robert Mugabe give a public lecture in Australia in 1981. Now discredited as the despot he is, then he was regarded as a Mandela-like figure. He electrified the lecture hall filled with 2,000 people.

Lynne, who's on your list? - You don't have to put it here - maybe on your blog?

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