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Saturday, 22 July 2006



the golden model looks kinda gay to me. stick to the original!
they brought out a "snoopy" model for the 25th aniversary.... also looks rubbish...

Bob M

Well, Nico, I wouldn't have said gay exactly. Gaudy, ostentatious, bling, those are words that came to mind. Anyway, mine has the stainless steel case with stainless steel band. Gabrielle gave it to me as a birthday present a few years ago.

The snoopy model is a shocker, however it also comemmorates the fact that NASA and the crew of Apollo XIII awarded the Omega Watch company a "Snoopy Award" in appreciation of the fact that an Omega Speedmaster was used on that mission to time the engine burns which saved the spacecraft. The 25th anniversary snoopy model was playing on that tenuous link.

Bob M

Nico, if you click on the link to Chuck Maddox's article which I've added above, you can scroll down (nearly at the bottom) and see a photo of the Snoopy Awar.


hi bob,
i need your help on this one: i think it's time for a new watch and i found out that there is a speedmaster automatic modell on the market. now i need your advice how much money i really should spend on it...

Bob M

nico, this is the offical omega page for speedmaster models:


Some are manual wind, some are automatic. You have to click onthe product details link for each type to find out which is which.

I am assuming you do not wish to wear the gay model, so will restrict yourself to a stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet.

First question, do you wish to buy a new watch in box from a recognised dealer, or are you buying a used watch?

You may also order a brochure from Omega via the website, and their local distributer will send it to you. This sometimes contains their recommend retail price list.

If you are buying a new watch, we need to investigate if you get any sales tax concessions when you travel internationally, as this sometimes yields the best deal, along with negotiation with the airport store seller.

General guide, for the straightforward auto model, retail here is around AUD$3,900. I know a person who bought one tax free with discounts for about AUD$2,800 about 12 months ago.

A used watch, maybe AUD$1,800. I'd need to do some more research to confirm these fine details.


thanks alot for this first info.
the tax concession is a point to keep in mind.
i think i might go for a used one, i think they're build quite durable.
aud$ 2.800 sound better then €2.400 ;)
and the used ones might go up from €700 to something around €1.700 [whereas i would consider buying a new one fpr that amount of money...]

Bob M

Mine was a used one, manufactured by Omega in 1992. Gifted to me in 2002. It's keeping very close to perfect time, and is also a very durable watch. It has had plenty of knocks and bumps, and works as advertised.

These days, eBay gives the best market price guide and I can see new ones there of the type you like from USD1300 to USD 1600. That's a very good price.

When I start getting interested in a certain type of watch I start looking in second hand dealers and pawnbrokers.

Watch Winders

Is this an automatic watch?

Bob Meade

No, this is a manual wind watch.

Bob Meade

However, there are speedmaster models which are automatic.

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