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Monday, 04 December 2006


Tien Stafidas

Mr Van Le is a very honest business man and appreciates these comments. However just so that everybody is aware his business name is Mr Watchmaker Vanle (Van Le).

Van Le was trained in the profession of watchmaking since the 1960's in vietnam, where he repaired a lot of watches such as Omega, Rolex and other brands that we would now call VINTAGE or ANTIQUE.

A lot of his customers are those who have not been able to find another watchmaker that is highly experienced with quality vintage watches or watchmakers who are not highly experienced and unable to repair the watch.

Therefore Van Le can be considered as the most highly skilled and value for your money :-)

I am in the process of assisting with the advertising of Vanle's business so thanks for the head start.

For expert watchmaking services please call Mr Vanle (Van Le) on 0414287501.

Thank you


Tien Stafidas


Interesting article thank you

Lucy Longines

I wouldn't take any watch I love to Eugene Scarcella. Ruined my longines watch and then denied anything to do with it. What a scam and a coward. Cost me over $600 in repairs. If you love your watch and want it in one piece, stay away from Eugene Scarcella.

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