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Monday, 03 March 2008


Ruth Currie

Dear Sir /Madam,
I appreiate the time and effort it took to create an article on what the unknown sailor was wearing and desire to thank all those involved.As a keen history student I passionately support the "shifting for the truth".
A National Archive report on the unknown sailor found on Christmas Island stated the sailor, wearing a boiler suit,was washed up prior to Christmas Day ,1942, in a bullet riddled raft .I am afraid the Canberra War Memorial people will have stop claiming their raft from Hmas Sdyney is the sole raft /artefact found.What happened to the second raft?Also the sailor was found badly decomposed without eyes, nose and right arm.If this report where to match the complete skeleton then some of the right arm bone must be missing.My impression is that the sailor's arm may have been was shielding/infront of his eyes and nose.Was the sailor fleeing HMAS Sydney in a bullet riddled raft only to lose life by flames /explosion etc?These questions beg answers?Has anyone any possible senarios? Is there an email address for the bone specialists dealing with the unknown sailor's bones?
Yours sincerely,
Ruth Currie.

Bob Meade (lifeasdaddy)


I'm not certain that you and I have been working from exactly the same reports in the National Archives of Australia To which report are you referring exactly?

- You say the corpse " washed up prior to Christmas Day, 1942" However my reading has it that one witness stated it was spotted floating on 5 February, 1942. Mr. Brown, recalling the events later in 1949 stated that it was shortly after the fall of Singapore. The Japanese landed on Saingpore on 8 February 1942, and General Percival surrendered on 15 February, 1942.

- Although I am not certain they make the claim, it is incorrect of the Australian War Memorial to claim that the Carley raft they hold is the sole artefact which came from the HMAS Sydney, however it is the sole surving one. There was a lifebouy bearing the name HMAS Sydney found near Comboyuro Point, NSW in March 1943
[ref. http://www.naa.gov.au/naaresources/Publications/research_guides/guides/sydney/chapter09.htm ]
However the location of this is unknown to me. I presume it has been destroyed.
The Carley float which came to Christmas Island is also presumed to have been destroyed.

- The Carley float which came to Christmas Island has not been proven to come from the HMAS Sydney, however most experts now agree that this is most likely. Identification of the Unknown Sailor will be inferred proof.

- it is not the case that the right arm was missing. The "flesh was gone from the right arm". As such, the intact skeleton which was exhumed is consistent with the documented witness accounts.

- You can find an email address for the team dealing with the identification of the Unknown Sailor near the end of this report:


Ruth, please let me know if you have got any more questions. I can't promise to answer them all, but I'll try.


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