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Tuesday, 27 May 2008



Nice post. Sadly, that Bunnings closed down a few years back, which was annoying because I used to shop there! I don't remember anything like the hand and feet impressions you describe, though that doesn't prove anything as I'm not particularly observant. Hopefully they've been preserved somehow, even if they donated them to the museum.

There's a bit about the building here: http://www.walkingmelbourne.com/building648_bunnings-store.html

Bob Meade

Thanks Brett.

Robert Krikori

I grew up in Davern St Pascoe Vale South , two streets from Anderson St, and I remember seeing Lionel Rose walk into the corner milkbar as I walked out. I was gobsmacked!!!! I also remember that huge trophy displayed at the butcher shop. Thanks for igniting those great memories!!!!!

Hey did your mum and dad own the corner milkbar?

Bob Meade

Yes, they owned the milk bar at the corner of Anderson and Westgate Street, Pascoe Vale South.

Next door was (and still is I think) the Shirlene School of Dance. Next to that was Maurie's butcher shop.

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