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Tuesday, 14 October 2008



dear bob,

from my point of view most of the holocaust deniers are germans, like ernst zuendel.
it's quite disturbing how somebody even can think of denying these massmurders.
the most horrable acts we're covered as 'medical experiments'. unfortunatly the actual medicine uses some of the results of these experiments with living people. such as how long can someone survive in icecold water with/without clothes...[up 20 minutes]

I've been to the KZ Gross-Rosen in Poland. After seeing the actual barracks, chambers and reminents of the imprisoned you would announce yourself a total moron and idiot to deny these atrocities.
the deniers use such dumb lies as:
'the cyclon b containers wouldn't even fit in there, there were only chimneys for fresh air....'
I'm quite glad that these lies can easily be proven wrong.

but the fact that nowadays most people do not simply believe in these simple lies is much more important.
most german pupils were confronted with the german past and after seeing some facts, reports and eye witnesses stories mostly no one can still pronounce that there hasn't been any mass murders by the nazi regime.

thank you for showing me that the holocaust deniers are disbeliefed internationally!

Bob Meade


Stories of the denials crop up now and then in our newspapers and on television, and the general overwhelming view in Australia (although I do not have a scientifically conducted opinion survey to prove it) is that the deniers are zealous idiots.

I was prompted to write what I have here, only becuase one of the zealous idiots was an Australian.

One concern I also have is that the eyewitnesses to this holocaust will soon no longer be alive due to their advanced age. Then as proof we shall be left with the archival accounts on paper, still photographs, and films. My purpose here was to point to some of those valuable archives.

And by the way, I am not so much concerned about German youngsters' knowledge, as I am about the history which is taught to Australia's youth. Or not taught as the case may be.

The deep undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the work of the deniers also needs to be understood. One of the counters to the deniers' claims of a conspiracy is to point to verifiable accounts from non-Jews. Hence we have Patton, Eisenhower, Watt and Moore mentioned here.

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