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Friday, 30 January 2009



haha, made my day.
tomorrow we're going to our ski-holidays. and guess what, hte first thing after our arrival at the challet is to put the grill together. the fastest meal you can get while everyone else is going to move into their rooms.

cheers and have a nice summer!


LOL - you look like me a few days ago. Except that I had no choice because an ice storm had knocked out our electric and heat and the only way we could cook any food was by BBQ or camping grill.

Anytime's a good time for BBQ.

Bob Meade

choosydad - That's not me in the photograph. I live in Sydney, Australia where the teperature is around 30C most days in January, often hotter. Perfect BBQ weather for us. I was highlighting the snowy BBQ for my Australian readers. We put away the barbeque grills during winter - when it gets below 17C.

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