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Monday, 12 January 2009



thanks for sharing some decent pictures of the building I passed by nearly every day on my pushbike but never meda a visit to.
in referrence to the manufaturer of friedrich krupp [married to berta von bohlen and halbach] I can only tell you that their residence in essen kettwig is also quite nice.

Bob Meade

Nice, you know it's a funny thing. I was very familiar with the name Krupp, as the venerable German armament manufacturer, but I was trying to work out what "Fried." meant.

Of course the answer turned out to be that it is a simple abbreviation of his first name. I did not think of that. I'll put up a photograph of the gun's breach block showing the manufacturer's markings in a short while.


hmm, krupp is mostly known for their weapons. interestingly the "dicke bertha" [in english "giant bertha"] as seen in chaplin's "the great dictator" was nicknamend after the wife of friedrich krupp. memorable quote by on of my ancestors who happend to deliver a handcrafted carriage to their residence in essen: she was an honorable lady, but indeed very huge.

never the less, krupp is also famous for installing the first inhouse kindergarten for his workers and allowed the building of labor unions.

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