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Thursday, 05 February 2009


Peter Ansell

I climbed up from below and took some photos a few months ago see one at http://www.panoramio.com/photo/15704933. Cheers, Peter


I noticed you'll need to remove the period at the end of the URL in my last comment (the blog software included it in the URL).

I too was fascinated by the old photos of Willoughby Falls and decided to go in search (I live above Brightmore Park, on the other side of the valley). Compare the '>' shaped crack in your Image 1.

Bob Meade

Peter, I checked you photo here:


and it is a perfect match for the old time photos in Images 1 & 2 above, with the layered rock,and the ">" shaped crack as you say.

I don't believe now that image 3 is a match for Willoughby Falls, in the absence of any further information.

Thanks, and great job!


The aqueduct may well be part of the modern sewage system. There is a track from the north east corner of Primrose Park to the bottom of Cammeray Rd and there are several signs of pipes along that track. There is also the aqueduct that crosses Tunks Park to the east of the Northbridge "suspension" bridge which may well line up with the Primrose Park Aqueduct.

Bob Meade

I think you are correct Ian. The aqueduct appears to be still in use. I also suspect that those huge reinforced concrete columns may have originally, or originally been designed to, carry a much larger aqueduct. They are much too large to have been made to carry the small load they presently do.

Peter Ansell

Bob, email me on pansell2(a)bigpond.com (replacing '(a)' with '@') and I'll send some more photos I took of the falls.

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