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Thursday, 11 June 2009


David Kilmartin

I would like to get in touch with Denis. I edit the Defence Science Technology Organisation's staff magazine, and became aware of Denis' letter through an unrelated event for South Australian History Week recently. Perhaps we can organise for Denis to get his letter after 40 odd years. How do you fit into the story?

David Kilmartin
Editor, DSTO Connections magazine,
[email protected]
[email protected]

Bob Meade

David, I will email you shortly.

I am an amateur historian and honest broker. Having seen the charming letter on the NAA website, I thought it would make a good story if I could find Denis after all these years. Using the internet, google search and some deductive powers I found his email address and got in touch with him. He was astonished that his letter still existed and agreed to cooperate.

mark colvin

I too would like to get in touch with Denis. Mark Colvin, Presenter, PM, ABC Radio. [email protected]

Bob Meade

OK Mark, I'll pass the word along to Denis.

Please let me know when any piece coming from this makes it to air.

Paul Carter

G'Day Bob,

Just saw the story in The Age regarding the Denis Cox plan for Australian space flight and wanted to express my pleasure that this letter has remained in existence. I am currently tackling a PhD thesis on early Australian space research (from a history of science point of view) and have examined literally thousands of pages of documents from the relevant players of the period - none like this one though - onward and upward Denis!

Paul Carter, History and Philosophy of Science program, University of Melbourne [email protected]

Bob Meade

Hello Paul. Thanks for your comment.

You may be interested to know, if you don't already, that Denis's letter rests at the National Archives of Australia in Series D250.

That is a large series with 7.2 metres held in NSW and 16.2 metres held in SA.

More specifically, his letter comes from "Anonymous and Eccentric Letters part 1"

Perhaps other treasures of the time lay alongside Denis's letter.

Good luck with your research. I would love to read your thesis when it's done.

lynne jordan

This is wonderful. Love the christmas party photo!

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