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Monday, 24 August 2009


Peter Ansell

Hi Bob, some years ago in a fish restaurant in Florida the waiter offered me 'some lovely fresh dolphin' that they had just received. When he saw my look of horror, he laughed & explained that it was 'dolphin fish' - the local name for mahi-mahi. Also, in this case, could be just the shape of the dumpling. Hope its some explanation like that! Cheers, Peter.

Bob Meade

Good point Peter. I was too afraid to ask.

Peter Ansell

So would I have been had the waiter not noticed my disquiet and realised I was not from those parts. "Not Flipper!!" was my immediate silent thought (hey that dates me). Peter

Bob Meade

Here, whenever kangaroo is served - and it does make nice hors d'ouevres - invariably someone will say, "But how could you eat Skippy?"

Skippy lives on in cable TV, so the quip is ageless here.

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