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Monday, 21 September 2009




Thanks for posting this clear and useful information. You'd be surprised but I actually had to find out what a "forest devil" was, as it was used in a 19th-century novel written by an Australian. ('The Bird of Paradise' by William Henry Dutton.) So I really appreciate it!

Bob Meade

I'm pleased this was of some help to you Morbane.


Very happy to see this posting, I have a Forest Devil which I still use on a regular basis. I have removed stumps and trees unable to be cleared with a dozer by myself and a few cables and pulleys. It gives great satisfaction to use one's own physical strength to achieve what a machine cannot. If anyone would like photographs just ask.

Robert O'Neill

CJ I would like to see picture of your forest devil and get some advice on how I could do the same.

Joyce Varcin

Dear CJ
AsI am detailing my fathers clearing of trees prior to the beginning of Injune town ship in 1920 using a forest devil, while recording a history for this town. I would be grateful to be able to purchase a photo of a forest devil to include for general knowledge.Gratefully with thanks,
Joyce Varcin, Unit 100, 61 Jubilee Drive, Palmwoods, Qld 4555

Lindsay Mann


I was reading an article in The Advertiser (a semi rural Victorian paper) dated 14 July 1839 about the shifting of an old wooden church that had to be taken to another site. This article, informed me that the building was: 'removed by means of forest devils.' Your article has proved a one stop information stop. I wonder how many other uses our innovative ancestors had for these little devils?

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